What is Playmakers Indoor Sports?

Playmakers Indoor Sports is a state-of-the-art indoor turf facility offering leagues, drop-in play, field rental, parties, camps, and clinics. Play includes adult and youth in soccer, lacrosse, flag football, and more.


Annual membership is $15 for youth and $20 for adults, and $25 for the whole family.

Member Benefits

  • Discount on pick-up game times for Soccer, Football, Reball, and Lacrosse
  • Discount on various select programs


Fees for league play can vary based upon days, times, and age. Please see registration page for exact pricing.


Team Managers

Team managers are the representatives for the team and are responsible for passing on any information that Playmakers Indoor Sports needs to communicates to each team. The team manager is also responsible for seeing that all team fees are paid on time and ensuring that his or her team is aware of the rules of the game as well as all Playmakers Indoor Sports rules and policies.


Our leagues are designed to provide the best soccer/football/lacrosse experience possible. Playmakers Sports strives to have:

  • Well refereed games
  • Competitive divisions
  • A clean, safe facility
  • Friendly efficient service
  • Timely communication
  • Convenient other services

Well Refereed Games

All referees are independent of Playmakers, but are evaluated by Playmakers through customer feedback and regularly documented observations. Playmakers Indoor Sports appreciates feedback on referees, both good and bad. We ask that customers realize that referees are not infallible machines and will miss some calls.

We ask that players, spectators, parents and coaches restrain from yelling derogatory comment to the referees. These comments never have their intended purpose. Playmakers Indoor Sports however, would love to hear your comments about the refereeing at our facility. A facility Host is more than happy to record your feedback. We have a reliable feedback system that uses customer input as a means of improving referee performance.

League Policies

  • All leagues may be scheduled on various days to maximize arena use, but generally most of your games will fall on one day of the week.
  • Teams may be scheduled for occasional double headers during the season.
  • Teams must turn in a roster at their first game. The roster can be updated anytime, however, players must play in at least two regular league games to qualify to play in playoff games.
  • All players must check in at the front, verify their membership, and receive a stamp in order to set foot on the field.
  • All players are required to check in with the ref before the game and verify they have been stamped.
  • Any team that plays with an ILLEGAL PLAYER with them will be given a forfeit. A LEGAL PLAYER is any player who has 1)Paid in full, 2)Has a current membership, 3)has signed a waiver, 4)Is registered on the roster for the team that is playing.
  • Forfeits will be declared for games involving ILLEGAL PLAYERS, ineligible age players, suspended players, or players with expired or no membership accounts. The score of a forfeit game will be 3-0. Any team that accrues 3 forfeits in one season will be expelled for the league. The winning team in a forfeited game has the following options: 1)Use the arena during the regularly scheduled game time for a closed practice where no referee will be provided or 2) Agree to scrimmage the forfeiting team by sharing players and /or allowing the forfeiting team to pick up non-rostered players.
  • Players posing as another person or using false information when joining Playmakers Indoor Sports will be considered an illegal player and all games involving that player will constitute a forfeit. The guilty player will also be suspended from further activity at Playmakers Indoor Sports pending the judiciary committee ruling.
  • Playing while knowingly suspended will result in a forfeit of the game and the guilty player will be suspended from further activity at Playmakers Indoor Sports pending the judiciary committee ruling.
  • People signing waivers for minors that are not legally eligible to do so will result in a forfeit of the game and the guilty player will be suspended from further activity at Playmakers Indoor Sports pending the judiciary committee ruling.
  • A team must have a minimum of 4 eligible players in order to avoid a forfeit.
  • The clock always starts on time. If a team does not have at least 4 players at the start of the CLOCK, the ref will wait up to 5 minutes before starting the GAME.
  • If a team is short of 4 players, for every 2 minutes that passes after the clock has started, a goal or a 7 point touchdown(football), will be added to the opposing teams score.
  • If a team has only 4 or 5 players, there options are to a) play the game with just 4 or 5 players. b) DECLARE A FORFEIT, and play with borrowed players.
  • Teams will be penalized $25 for no-shows, which is having less than 4 players available at game time. If teams know they will not be able to attend a scheduled game we ask that you notify us no less than 48 hours previous to the game to give us time to contact the opposing team and the referee. Teams that give us the 48 hour notice will not be levied the $25 fine.
  • Teams may request that games be rescheduled provided at least 7-day notice is given. Playmakers Indoor Sports will investigate the possibility but will not guarantee a reschedule. A $25 game reschedule fee will be assessed if a new game can be accommodated. However, during Playmakers Indoor Sports seasonally busy months, time is simply not available for rescheduled games. In the event we can not accommodate a reschedule, the requesting team must accept a forfeit. The team requesting a reschedule must call the opposing team’s captain to reschedule. The opposing team’s captain must then call Playmakers to confirm the reschedule. The team requesting the reschedule is responsible for the $25 game rescheduling fee.
  • In the event a team lets us know 48 hours ahead of time of a forfeit, Playmakers will attempt to find a “substitute team”. The game will still be considered a forfeit, but the substitute team will provide a competitor.
  • Protests regarding the incorrect application of the rules of Indoor Soccer/Lacrosse/Flag Football or player eligibility must be in written form and submitted to Playmakers Sports no later than 24 hours after the end of the disputed game. The Ruling will be made by the Playmakers Sports Judiciary committee prior to the protesting teams next game.
  • If a team must withdraw from the league for their own reasons or if they are kicked out for violating Playmakers Indoor Sports rules and/or policies, the league fee will not be refunded.
  • Playmakers Indoor Sports reserves the right to relegate or promote teams and or players to leagues other than the requested league to ensure fun and competitive games. Playmakers Indoor Sports will work with teams to give them their requested night however, we place a higher value on competitive games than teams’ preferred game night.
  • Adults must be the age of their league before their last game of the session (i.e. over 25, over 30 etc. Each Team may have two players on the roster who are within one year of the age cutoff.
  • When the goal differential of any game increases to four or more (or 28 points for football), the losing team may add an extra player but must pull the extra player off when the differential decreases below 4.
  • No games will end in ties. For soccer, it will result in a sudden death pk shootout. For Lacrosse, it will result in a Braveheart. For Football, it will result in a sudden death 1 or 2 point conversion battle.

Schedules and Standings

Schedules are not available until after the first game.

We make it a priority to keep the web site very up to date. We ask that you please check the web site before calling the facility to ask for your game time. However, if you must call, we are happy to give you any information you need.

Customer’s Rights

  • A clean facility
  • High Quality facility and services which includes referees, schedules and programs.
  • A trained, responsive and courteous staff, open to customer input.
  • Timely information on Playmakers Sports’ programs changes or additions.

Please talk to the host or facility manager if you feel any of the above is not happening to your satisfaction. Playmakers Sports appreciates the input of customers who care enough to tell us when we don’t meet your expectations.

Customer’s Responsibility

  • Consider the safety of others and yourself as the highest priority
  • Play for the fun and enjoyment of the sport and always be a good sport.
  • Timely payments for services
  • Maintain emotional control while participating or observing
  • Respect the arena and help keep the facility clean
  • Treat other players, teammates and Playmakers Sports employees with respect
  • Make us aware of any problems as soon as possible so we can fix them
  • Keep yourself updated with the latest information
  • Be on time for games and practices

Youth Soccer Leagues

Playmakers Sports would love to see every game determined by a single goal. This is our objective when we form leagues. Sometimes the games become lopsided for one reason or another. We do our best to match teams in leagues as closely as possible. To accomplish this we ask teams to register in the age and level that they played the outdoor soccer the previous fall. This simply gives us a consistent basis in which to place teams.

Sometimes we need to match up teams of different ages in order to provide variety of competition. We realize that a single year can make a big difference which is why we have the following policies;

Youth soccer leagues are divided by age using the following terminology “12s” means 12 years old from the previous fall, “11s” means 11 years old as of the previous fall, etc.

  • For consistency purposes, we ask all team to register for the leagues that they played the previous outdoor fall session.
  • Playmakers Sports will not match up teams more than two years apart. This is to prevent injuries to the younger, smaller players. This rule applies regardless of soccer skill and ability.
  • Teams playing an older team may use an extra player on the field. This rule does not apply to select teams unless they are playing an older select team.
  • Playmakers Sports will determine the desires of the team if we have to schedule you out of your age group.
  • If under 19, the facility has the right to ask for birth certificate for age verification at any point throughout the season.
  • Select teams must play up one year if they are placed in a recreation league. However, we ask that select teams sign up as their true age and indicate they are select so Playmakers Sports can put them in the older league without scheduling them against teams two year older
  • When the goal differential of any game increases to four or more, the losing team may add an extra player but must pull the extra player off when the differential decreases below 4.

Special Adult Policies


  • Adult Leagues are divided into levels in order to group players for competitive parity. Our Recreational league is for beginner players and teams. The highest level, “A” is for highly skilled, experienced and athletically fit players. “B” and “C” are for general competitive play depending upon soccer skill, athletic ability and general fitness. The availability of levels on a certain night will depend upon the number of registered teams.
  • Coed teams must have at least two female players present, and at least two on the field at all times.

Player Eligibility and Competition Policy

  • Players will be “designated” at the level of the highest league in which they participate
  • Players cannot play two leagues below the level of their designation. I.e. An “A” player may not play in a “C” or “just for kicks” division or a “B” player may not play in a “D” division.
  • Playmakers Indoor Sports reserves the right to designate players a level even though they are not currently in that league. I.e. An “A” player cannot play in the “D” division even if it is the only league in which they play.
  • Teams may only have three players with a higher designation on their rosters. I.e. A CoEd-D team may on have 3 CoEd-C players on it.
  • There is a two goal per game limit on Players playing in a league in which they have a higher designation. I.e. “A” players may only score two goals in a CoEd-B game. Any further goals by that player will not be counted. Goalie throw will be taken after all “non-counted goals”.

Welcome to Playmakers Indoor Sports, voted the area’s Best Indoor Recreation Facility by Sophisticated Woman Magazine. We are proud to serve our community by providing exceptional youth and adult sports programming in a comfortable, well maintained environment. We hope that you will become a part of our Playmakers family by joining one of our great sport leagues today!