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MISSION: To form creative young soccer players that love the game, train with passion, and practice virtue.
VISION: PSA players confidently impacting their soccer teams and their community.
Soccer is a uniquely player-centric sport. With no time-outs and few stoppages in play, the players, rather than the coaches, are the real decision-makers in the game. The coach’s main impact on players must come during training. The coach must develop the players’ skills so that they become automatic. This allows the players to make the split-second decisions necessary to excel in the fast-paced game. The coach must regularly expose the players to game-like scenarios that allow the players to practice these decision-making skills.
At PSA, we focus on advanced training for your child and we recognize that good character is even more valuable than the greatest skills. Therefore, we will introduce a new virtue each week. The virtue will be appropriate to the training and will hopefully make an impact in the player’s life and that of the player’s family.
U6: “The Fundamental Stage”- Components of the Game for the U-6 Age Group
Fitness: Introduce how to warm-up and movement education. Begin education about nutrition with players and parents. Balance, walking, running, how to start and stop, jumping, hopping, rolling, skipping, changing direction, bending, twisting and reaching.
Technique: Dribbling (stop and start) and shooting. Experiment with the qualities of a rolling ball.
Psychology: Sharing, fair play, parental involvement, “how to play” and emotional management.
Tactics: Where is the field? The concept of boundary lines, at which goal to shoot and playing with the ball wherever it may go.
U8: “Igniting the Passion”- Components of the Game for the U-8 Age Group
Technique: Experiment with the qualities of a rolling or spinning ball. Introduce ball lifting, juggling, block tackle, receiving ground balls with the inside and sole of the foot, shooting with the inside of the foot, toe passing and shooting and dribbling while changing direction. Introduce the push pass.
Fitness: Agility, eye-foot and eye-hand coordination, balance, leaping, bounding, tumbling, catching, throwing, pulling, pushing, warm-up activities and movement education. Continue education on sports nutrition with players and parents.
Psychology: Encourage working in pairs, sportsmanship, parental involvement, how to play, emotional management, creativity, dynamic activities, participation of all players and a safe and fun environment. There is still a short attention span unless the player has peaked (keep interest high). Like to show what they can do – encourage trying new things. Developing self-esteem – activities should foster positive feedback and attainable positive success.
Tactics: Back line and forward line, 1v1 attack and choosing to dribble or pass. Introduce the names of positions (fullbacks and forwards). Institute games of 2v1, 1v2 and 2v2, playing with the ball with a purpose and promote problem solving.

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